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Due to both of you and your generosity you may just have saved my life!
I greatly appreciate what you did for me as I could not afford this exam, however I am happy that it was offered to me. I am not happy with the results; having said this, I will be pursuing this further to understand more of what it means and will be contacting you in the future for a follow-up exam.


I've had this done a few times over the years. Completely painless and the best thing is that it detects a problem much, much earlier than a standard mammogram could.


Had my appointment yesterday and was very pleased with your professional manner. Thank you.


I had this done, quite a exam and pictures!


This option needs to be demanded by women every where. No squeezing, no radiation, does not even have contact. Detects problems WAY sooner. So much more effective and much safer than a mammogram.

Kevin MacDonald

I've have the pleasure of knowing Charles for over fifteen years. I have always been impressed with his level of knowledge, detail and active interest in what he did. I was pleased to recently reconnect with him through LinkedIn and took the opportunity to meet with him for an explanation of his services and its potential. I was impressed by his passion and depth of knowledge for what is clearly the important recent development for inspection and detection purposes.

I was extremely interested in his insightful explanation of how DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) could be used by massage, chiropractic, and other treating professionals to assist with identification of inflammation and problem areas in the body, helping to target those areas for better management and treatment.

I was impressed with Charles' foresight in realizing that this can be of great interest to the public and therefore it is with pleasure that I recommend use of Hindsight Infrared Services Inc.

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