What happens during an assessment

Before your appointment

Before you arrive for your appointment, make sure you have read and followed these instructions prior to your appointment. This ensures that your scan will provide us with the most accurate information. You will also receive copies of our intake forms for you to download and fill out. If you are unable to print them from home, please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out the paperwork in our office.

A comfortable & professional experience

Upon arriving to Hindsight Thermal Imaging you will be taken into the Thermal Imaging Room where you will begin to acclimate to the temperature-controlled room. The Clinical Thermographer will provide further direction and position you accordingly in front of the camera. After the scan is complete, the images are sent immediately to a certified physician, who will analyze the images and prepare a report. Your report will be emailed to you directly by your Naturopathic Doctor for your review.

Next Steps

It is highly recommended that you review the report with your Naturopathic Doctor, primary care physician or healthcare provider. We will be happy to forward him/her a copy of the report and images, with your consent. We do not store any medical information. You will receive a copy of your written report including the images, and a copy can be sent to your doctor upon your written request on the intake form.

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