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Non-invasive tests with professional results

By providing safe, non-invasive, effective and repeatable studies with thermographic imaging, we offer a cost-effective adjunctive and alternative screening to other more invasive diagnostic tests. Thermographic imaging is helpful in early detection of disease, identification of areas needing further diagnostic testing, tracking progress of healing & rehabilitation, and evaluation of soft tissue injuries. Thermography’s greatest contribution in understanding the processes of the human body is its inherent ability to detect subtle, vascular and physiological changes that if left unattended, may become, over time, a degenerative disruptive disease.

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

We use the latest technological advances in thermal imaging to provide non-invasive, painless physiological evaluations with no radiation and no contact with the body. Our Technicians provide imaging skill, the camera captures the images, the software provides data, but understanding how the images and data relate to the function of the human body provides the ultimate true value of thermography.

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